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The Difference Between Creating & Working

December 28, 2014

I find myself pushing more and more to be a “creator” and not a “worker”. What does that mean though? I keep seeing a rise of two types of designer.

1. The guy that is making stuff because he enjoys it.

2. The guy making stuff (things he doesn’t enjoy) because he has to pay rent.

I’m 22 now, I’m engaged and going to be married soon. It’s natural to become the guy that will take a job just because I need to pay rent and feed my family, and I know that sometimes that might happen. My goal, and invitation, for 2015 is to create something at least once a week that inspires me. Something that inspires someone else. And lastly, something that helps me grow as an artist.

The first thing I’ll be making with this in mind is a new This is the Giant EP. It will be 4 or 5 songs and will be titled “Silent Songs”. The goal of Silent Songs is to help others relax. This project is hugely inspired by Hammock’s Sleepover Series. Music that helps you sleep, study, think, relax and be at peace.

So if you’re a creative, take the invitation. Try and make something once a week that brings you to life.

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